Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First Ever Motorized Lynx 16 Catboat Sail

Early Sunday the 19th found me on another pre-workshift sail into the harbor with our July 4th Sailing Pavilion bouncer Andy Carvalho and Linda Greene.  Having two lifeguards aboard is great assurance if I fell in!

There's a saying a watched tea pot never boils but it might also extend to the wind.  If you go searching for it, it might not be there.  This was certainly the case, as the only wind we felt was from the apparent wind generated by our motorised movement.  OK there was some, but so little that we would never have gotten past the Coast Guard station on it alone.

Instead, by firing up the 4-stroke, 4 HP engine we went south and then East of Long Island, through the Nubble Channel (still searching for wind).  We found much evidence of wind...far away...cruise ships were making unexpected stopovers here to avoid the hurricane just several hundred miles to the east.
Linda Greene surveys the incoming Cruise ship while Andy Carvalho (sits) watch on the port side. (MS 1645 AW)

We did establish that you can do a motor trip on 4HP in four hours barring excessive boatwakes.  Yeah, another 2 or 3 HP would've been great...better yet a twin engine mount! 

I know I know...we didn't set sail but then again, I am told that these type of boats were primarily engine powered during the non-summer seasons when used as a workboat, so history partially had us covered!

Everyone is happy to return to the Home Waters - heading West on the Charles River. MS 1645 AW

The wind did finally fill in on the inner harbor - just as we were about to enter the Charles River locks to go back home (where there was barely any wind again)... Maybe that was Nature's way of saying, "C'mon again and give it one more shot!"

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