Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring is coming, Spring is coming!!!!

And with that the Sailing season.

This is an exciting one for the MIT Sailing Pavilion as it is the 75th anniversary. Yes, 75 years of sailing! The pavilion opens on March 29th. So, find your sneakers, round up your sunglasses and dust off that bottle of sunscreen. Then grab a windbreaker and sweatshirt because while the sun is shining - it's always colder on the river in the spring.

What's going on even before we're open? The team is in full swing with practices and regattas.

The Sailing classes will start up in April with the 1st Wednesday sailing class on April 20th at 5:30. The Sunday classes start a bit later in the season, May, when the weekend regattas begin to taper off. Have you ever seen a weekend with a Sunday class AND a regatta in full swing? Organized chaos to say the least, all out there enjoying sailing or learning to.

The Pavilion and the river are our rewards for having survived this snowy winter! There's a lot going on this season so check out the web page or just come on down to hang out.

See you soon.

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